Introduction to REVCOM

What is REVCOM?

REVCOM is a national voluntary organization providing communications for the community. REVCOM is a registered charity.

What does REVCOM do?

REVCOM provides a resource of trained radio operators and equipment that can assist the public and provide communications assistance to organisers of events such as marathons, bike rides, cross country walks and horse events of all kinds. REVCOM may also be called upon to assist Local Authorities in times of disaster.

How is REVCOM funded?

REVCOM is a voluntary organisation that receives no funding from Central or Local Government. All income comes from the efforts of the members and from donations.

Who are the volunteers?

Almost anyone can become a member of REVCOM. You do not need to have previous radio experience - we will train you. Young people under 16 can join a cadet scheme before becoming a full member.

What equipment do we use?

REVCOM holds a licence from the Department of Trade and Industry to use two frequencies not available to the public. These frequencies are used for operational work only and may not be used for private communication. We buy and maintain the radios from the funds that we raise. The use of these sets allows us to provide reliable radio links without interference - a very important feature of our work.

How is REVCOM organised?

Although an organisation of individual members, REVCOM is organised in teams. As the smallest team can consist of only 2 members, you could start your own team with a friend or relative. There will always be help at hand from other members.

Teams are grouped into geographical regions. The teams in each region elect a Liaison Officer, who attends National meetings and makes sure that teams are kept in touch with each other, and with the National Executive Committee. The Regional Liaison Officer is also responsible for raising the profile of REVCOM locally.

Within each region, teams may wish to create one or more councils. In this way, teams who are close to each other, can be part of a bigger team. In this way, they can combine resources, and help each other. This is also a nice way to meet and keep in touch with each other.

Do you need REVCOM?

If you work in the Local Authority Emergency Planning Department, are involved with another voluntary or community group that may need assistance with communications, or are planning an event where communications would help, then you need REVCOM.

If you would like assistance from a REVCOM team locally, our team listing will help you find the team nearest to you. For a list of national contact points look at the contacts list

REVCOM needs you!

Like all voluntary organisations, REVCOM is always looking for new members. If you would like to join us, or just learn about the organisation, you can either contact you local team , or the Public Relations Administrator. REVCOM's official address should be used by Public and Official bodies.